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What Could You Do with

Extra Time?

Take a vacation • Read more • Serve more clients • Organize my workflow •

Go to my kids' ball games • Travel • Spend more time with my family • Do more of what I love

Take Back Your Time!

You started your business for a reason. You have a passion for what you do, and you're devoted to your craft.

But there's another side to owning your own business - the side we all have to face - office work. The tasks that are often daunting and time-consuming. What if you could run your business doing only the tasks you enjoy? With Singer Business Solutions, you can! When you delegate your office tasks to SBS, you free up more time to do what you love!

What does it look like to partner with SBS?



Present your business professionally across all your media. From your website to social media profiles to client materials, we can help you with consistent branding so your clients know what you're about. 


Buying an apartment

Keep your accounts organized and up-to-date. We can help you organize client details into a Customer Relationship Management System so you can keep clients straight and track progress on all projects.



Know exactly where each of your accounts stand. We can help with invoicing, tracking payments, sending payment reminders, and more!


Checking Text on a Document

Make sure your website, blogs, posts, etc. are error free. We can help by providing a second look to ensure the grammar and spelling are correct and your message is clear before publishing.

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