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What is Singer Business Solutions?

I created Singer Business Solutions because I saw the need for small businesses to have the support they need to not only survive, but to

grow & thrive!

By taking on time-consuming office tasks, I help free up time for a solopreneaur to take on more clients, a dad to attend his son’s weekly games, a friend to take a girls’ trip, you to have more time for the important things. I help business owners maintain a healthy work-life balance!

Partnering with

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We understand how scary it is to give up control and trust someone else with aspects of your business! Will they get things done on time? Will they do them right? Will they keep your info secure? 

SBS is here to help your business succeed! I know from experience that entrepreneurship can be a lonely place, especially when EVERYthing falls on you. We take your business as seriously as you do and are here to support however we can! 

You may only need a few hours of help each week, or you may have a looming project that's too daunting to tackle alone. By partnering with SBS, you can take advantage of the affordable services and reduce the need of an additional employee. Specializing in helping small businesses, we can serve your business as little or as much as you need!

About the Owner

Hi! I'm Amber, owner of

Singer Business Solutions!

For several years, I ran our wedding business, coordinating weddings and managing the venue. When I decided to leave the wedding industry, I realized many of my favorite aspects of running our business were office related. I loved marketing our business, updating our website, keeping our books organized, and processing payments. However, I realize not everyone relishes spending the day in the office working on accounts! For many, office tasks can be daunting and time-consuming.


I created Singer Business Solutions to give business owners the support they need to not only survive, but to grow & thrive! Running my own business showed me how exciting, scary, wonderful, stressful, and amazing being an entrepreneur can be! I work with small businesses to give them back valuable time, support them, and cheer them on!


Fun Facts

• I graduated from Pensacola Christian College (went for the beach, stayed for the education) with a degree in Business Marketing, something I never dreamed I’d use to run my OWN businesses!
• I play the piano for our church’s Praise Choir and plan our choir programs.
• Most of my free time is spent with my niece and nephew. I am a very involved aunt!
• I met my best friend on a mission trip in Africa. She lives in Texas (too far away for my liking).

Absolute Discretion, Guaranteed!

As a business owner, you may be concerned that your virtual assistant is privy to a lot of sensitive information. It can be hard to trust important information with someone outside of your business.


With experience in the finance and medical industries, as well as owning my own business, I uphold the importance of keeping personal and business information private. In accordance with our privacy policy, the security of your client information and your business information is guaranteed. References are available upon request. 

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