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Let's Talk Bookkeeping!

How's your relationship with your books?

Love? Hate? Love/Hate?

Honestly, I love it! I look forward to the days I get to work in the office on our accounts! Give me a day inputting numbers and sipping tea...that's a good day at work! What does a good day at work look like for you? 

For most business owners, it's probably not this. The last thing they want to do is sit down and reconcile their books after a full day of doing the "real work". Bookkeeping can be a daunting task that ends up taking way too much time, time that could be spent on better things!

Bookkeeping Options

If you relate to the "I'd Rather Use My Time on Other Things" group, keep reading!

Custom Invoices

Professionally present your business by continuing your brand style in your invoices. We can design invoices to fit your business' brand style and specific needs.

Invoice Delivery

Keep your accounts up-to-date. We can consistently send bills and reminders to your customer so you can get paid! In addition to our custom invoices, we can also invoice through popular invoicing systems like Quickbooks, Dubsado, PayPal, etc. 


Give your clients the reassurance that their payment has been received and applied to their account. If your invoicing system does not automatically generate receipts, or if you'd like to send receipts with your business customization, we can send a receipt every time a client makes a payment.

Payment Plans 

Easily offer payment plans to your customers! We can create a payment plan schedule, track payment plan progress, send reminders for upcoming payments and send itemized receipts once payments have been received.

Payment Reports

Review outstanding and received payments at a glance with our payment reports. We can generate payment reports quarterly, monthly, or weekly.


Because engaged couples have many payments that need to be made over the course of planning a wedding, our payment plan option became a client favorite. This allowed them to make small payments over time rather than one large payment right before the wedding. With our payment plan system, both we and our clients could easily reference the amount paid to date, the amount remaining, and when fees were due in full. This system is now implemented with our current VA clients!
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