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Client Management

Keep your client details organized and up-to-date with our client management services. Whether you need to track project progress or easily access client information, we've got you covered!

Client Details
Would you love to have all your client details easily accessible? We can organize your client details in the systems where you need them including  spreadsheets, your Customer Relationship Management System, email, Quickbooks, etc. 
Brand Consistent Materials 
Present your business professionally and consistently. We can custom design and/or edit your client handouts, worksheets, forms, and other materials that coordinate with your brand style. Do you need a brand style design or refresh? Click here for more information. 
Track Progress
Ensure you and your clients are on the same page throughout each project. With our progress tracking system, you and your clients can see the progress on payment plans and projects at a glance. (See below for details.) We can also email reminders to clients about upcoming due dates.
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Proposals and Quotes
Do you routinely send proposals and quotes to your current and prospective clients? We can help by:
1. Designing your quotes so they are consistent with your brand style.
2. Inputting information into the proposal template. The template can be our standard, one you already use, or one that we customize together.
3. Sending proposals to your clients and following up.


As a wedding day coordinator, I created day-of schedules for the wedding party. Before starting on the schedule, I would need to have an idea of the general order of events. Knowing that weddings have many details that are being planned simultaneously, I understood that what I needed wasn't always on the forefront of bride's minds. With our project tracking system, couples were able to see what they had submitted, what was still needed, and the due date for each item. A visual example of this system is available upon request.
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